Thursday, 26 April 2018

W is for Wells #AtoZChallenge

WELCOME to Wells, Somerset.
It's the smallest city in England.
Wells Cathedral is the reason that this tiny medieval city is called a city.

Every inch and nook of the city is picture perfect.
So, it was hard for me to choose just a few pictures to post today. 
I tried. But, I didn't succeed. 

We stayed in Wells for a few days last August.
Let the tour begin.
Let the pictures do the talking (with a few words for company)

Wells High street: so quaint and small that by the time you've said high, it's over.
Wells Cathedral: Gothic and poetic

Ha! Do you see a W or two?
Spotted in August'17 in Wells. 
Who would've thought they'd appear in a W post in April 2018?
Such treasures come by when we keep our eyes open to see. Right?
We picked a couple to munch on. They were delicious: crisp, slightly tangy and very juicy.

The Vicars' Close
This extract has been taken from
"Adjoining the Cathedral is Vicars’ Close, believed to be the only complete medieval street left in England. The houses were built in the 14th century to provide accommodation for the Vicars Choral, who sing the daily services, and this is still the case today."

The Bishop's Palace tells us that its...
"Home to the Bishops of Bath and Wells for over 800 years, the palace is surrounded by a moat, complete with resident swans trained to ring a bell for food." 
We were exploring the caves in Cheddar gorge that morning, so by the time we got back to Wells, the palace was shut, but we managed to walk in its beautiful grounds.

We didn't see any swans. Perhaps they'd eaten and gone to bed by the time we arrived.

The Sew Vintage shot that featured in V Post was taken in Wells, Somerset.
Well, that's it folks. 
Expecting to see you here tomorrow. 
Where are you planning to be this weekend? Any place special?


  1. Hari OM
    Well, that was wonderful! &*> I am going to be in the Hutch as usual... but today am driving to central Scotland to spend a night with my sister from Edinburgh - (my birthday treat from her). doubt there will be many photos of worth, due to the dismal weather... YAM xx

    1. Hope you get slivers of sunshine Yamini. Enjoy your treat. Sometimes, clouds and rain create very dramatic photos:)

  2. A charming place from the looks of the photos.

    1. It is Iain. You could base a medieval saga in Wells--just saying:)

  3. Absolutely stunning pictures, Arti! Makes me want to go and explore right now!

  4. is' windfalls' a word for apples over there? no matter. I like the word.

    the bishop's palace look so dreamy.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Windfall is a term used for fruit that gets blown down from a tree by wind Lissa.
      I reckon the variety of apple is Tydeman Early Worcester.
      Like you, even I like the word :windfall. In fact, some Jains (religious ones) only eat windfall fruit.
      Thank you for visiting.

  5. I would like to request that you return and get a picture of the swans, ringing for their supper.

    1. Yes Ma'am. Putting the travel request to my sponsor aka husband:) As I said, anything for friends.

  6. Fabulous. Flower-bedecked high street; bell-ringing swans residing in a moat; a gothic cathedral; and free apples. This is the stuff of dreams - and very dreamy pictures indeed.

    1. This is your kind of place Deborah, I can tell you that:) Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  7. That high street with its flowers was so lovely - all the photos are/were! Golly, we're so luck to be able to travel. And to record them - thank you.Sometimes old towns have an extra quality about them...

    1. I'm truly blessed to be able to travel Susan. I thank the universe for such opportunities. Blogging about my travels has been a great way to record. And the added bonus is that I get to share the magic:)

  8. What a sweet little town which I hope to be able to visit some day. Lovely photos Arti.

    1. I hope so too Kalpana.
      Thank you for dropping by:)

  9. We were in Bath (another awesome city) some years ago, but missed Wells. Based on your stunning photos, we'll have to head back that way and spend some time in Wells.

    1. You'll love Wells April. Plan your visit round Somerset and Dorset next time you're headed to England.


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