Tuesday, 3 April 2018

C is for Cheddar Man and Cave Matured Cheddar Cheese #AtoZChallenge

Come, meet Britain's oldest complete human skeleton (estimated to be almost 9000 years old) on the day of C.
He was found in 1903 and you can see him in Gough's cave, near the village of Cheddar in Somerset.

Get your tickets and come on in. This cave has been lit, highlighted, and presented (with an entertaining audio recording) to take you back in time when it was first discovered by Richard Gough in 1898.

Yes, you got it--Cheddar Cheese was born here (sometime in the 12th century)
and it continues to mature in the caves even today.
What's more, you can buy cave matured cheddar cheese when you step outside.
We did and relished it tremendously.

Stalagmites and stalactites create stunning displays

All that time inside a cave can make one hungry:)
Cerulean skies, a good cup of tea, scones and jam--a perfect English summer's day.
August 2017
Please note: even if you don't think that the sky is cerulean in this picture, humour this blogger's attempt to use a word she loves which also begins with C. 
And why do I love this word?
Because in a movie or a TV show, I forget the name, I heard a character say this to an aspiring author who looked up to the sky and explained, "Cerulean!"
"You are an author...only authors call a blue sky cerulean."
Have you been inside a cave recently? Where? Did you like it?
Delve into a different kind of looking tomorrow--D will be here, do drop by:)


  1. Amazing photographs.

    1. Thank you Iain.
      I visited your blog today and left a comment. Something was off, the comment disappeared. I hope it finds its way to you:)

  2. Hari OM
    Thank you for finding my blog... so that I could find yours!!! Have just caught up on the alpha with you and am hooked. Am going to add you to my blogroll also, this is a place I like to be.

    As for your A B C... WTG!!! YAM xx

    1. Hari Om Yamini.
      Thank you so much for visiting. I'm happy you're here. xx

  3. Wow! This is so fascinating. My husband and son would love to visit this place and have all the cheese too, they both love all varieties of cheese like crazies :D
    Couchsurfing : Pros and Cons #AtoZChallenge

    1. Then you have to plan a trip to Somerset Shilpa. There are lovely places to trek all over Mendip Hills.

  4. It's a toss up as to which I like more - cheese or the word cerulean. Cheddar Man and cave-aged cheese - I don't know how these secrets have been kept from me! But I am grateful to you Arti for bringing them to light. Or as much light as a cave can provide.

    Once again your photos are fabulous. I haven't been in a cave in years, but I find them utterly unlike anything else. Amazing and beautiful no doubt, but I also carry a bit of edginess when I'm in a cave - I both want to be there, and I want to out in the light as well.

    1. So glad you found your way to Cheddar Man and cerulean Deborah:)
      Thank you for visiting. xx

  5. Incredible photos, Arti! And a cave that looks and sounds like a must-do if one is in the area. Love cerulean skies, including the one in your pic :)

    I have not been in a cave since I was a child. I remember being fascinated and petrified all at once. I was not keen on the idea of so much earth being above us. Hopefully I would react differently today.

    Emily In Ecuador | Dolphins - Puerto Lopez

    1. Hi Emily.
      A few weeks before we went to this cave, I was in Meghalaya (on a sort of trek). We visited a cave there which tested me. I came out twice because I'm scared of closed spaces and a section of this cave was barely big enough to crawl. I'd given up but something pulled me to give it a last and final (third) try. I did and the funny thing is that 4 steps after this tiny space, the cave opened up into a large hall. Just four steps! That adage about the darkest hour before dawn comes to mind.
      Caves like this one in Cheddar Gorge are really well planned for visitors. So give it a try sometime:)

  6. Nice pics Arti. Never knew cheese was stored in caves. Informative post.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  7. Amazing pics and amazing place! The cheese looks like meditating monks in the cave!

    1. Wow! Mature and evolved--this cheese gets better with time and readers:) Thank you Ruchita. xx


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