Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day my darling

I am off sick with a sore throat and painful ears, but I can't resist you
Your magnetism acts like a pain killer
and numbs my pain.

I dig into your soul-
you stamp your mark
on me.

My finger nails and toes gather evidence of our rendezvous.
The phone alarm jars me
into reality.
How can time fly so quickly when I'm with you?

My husband will be home soon.
There's dinner to be cooked
Laundry to be folded
Heck...I haven't even said 'hello' to the kids!

You are destroying my 'normal'.
But I don't want 'normal'!
I want you-
All the time.

If I could, I would spend my life with you.
In you-
Around you.

You don't use words.
I don't need any.

Words can be hurtful and mean.
Feigning love.

You say it with flowers-
Flowers are flawless.
You get it...he doesn't!

The challenge was to keep our relationship going
When I moved
from rainy London to dry Doha

But we survived
You and me

I am in Bliss
and so are you
I know

Happy Valentine's Day
my darling
my garden
my yard
my patch of sanity
my joy
my pick- me -up
my pride
my cause of shoulder pain
and dirty nails
my reason to show off
my constant companion.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all, too. Hope this day is filled with love and that you get to do whatever it is that makes you forget yourself.
Here are some clicks of flowers that are in bloom from 
my little patch of green in Doha:

To let ...

Aloe Vera in bloom

Not just a pretty face...there's substance, too. Limes.

Curry leaves trying to hide the mop, BUT!

Rosemary, violas and pansies.

The mulberry tree...hopefully, these berries will be sweet.
It's called 'shehtoot' in India and 'toot' in Doha.

As you can see, the gardening season is in full swing in Doha. My garden keeps me away from blogging but I'm not complaining. I hope to post some more pics of a few projects that are brewing at the moment, soon.