Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scenic Route- Highway 61...continued.

You had me at Nani....

Walking a trail is thirsty work. So we decided to drive to Naniboujou Lodge - just across from the Judge C. R. Magney State Park for a drink. I had stumbled upon this lodge while researching the area-thanks to CAPH52's  trip report on-  http://www.fodors.com/community/united-states/a-big-campus-a-great-lake-and-a-mighty-river-wimn-trip-report.cfm#top. 

The name conjured up images of a roly-poly nani (grandmother in Hindi) in my mind and I made a mental note of visiting this lodge. I am so glad I did.

My lemonade was refreshing and freshly made.The husband was thrilled, too...
We were served by a beautiful smiling girl who hails from Jamaica and although she loves the area in the summer, she's still getting used to the winter snow.

We were rather intrigued by a pair of oldish ladies,seated by the window opposite us, enjoying their afternoon tea. For reasons I cannot fathom, every now and then they would shoot us down with weird looks- these were NOT the friendly glances given by strangers that we'd got so used to in this land of the 'Minnesota Nice'.

My paranoia even tricked me into picking up that shiny cutlery you see on the table above to give my face a once over.

I don't know why these not-so-pleasant moments become embedded in the fabric of our otherwise blissful memories. 

Moving on to the blissful- the warmth and old world charm of Naniboujou- or 'the aura of the 20's'- as their website states, is priceless. The serenity of the dining hall calms you with its harmonious explosion of colours.

The staff suggested we check out their back yard before we head back...
... and so we did. We sat and posed and chatted and rested our tired feet in this jewel of a place hugging the North Shore.

Check out their website: http://naniboujou.com. Do stop by - if you are visiting the North Shore.

....to be continued


  1. The backyard is picture perfect...love to visit sometime!

    1. You will love it...it has the Mussoorie feel up there and the people are so friendly.


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