Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Delightful Duluth

'The Book Thief' gets discovered in delightful Duluth.

'Would you like to go for a walk?' asked my friend.
'Sure', I agreed naively.
It was  the 12th of July 2013- our second evening in Duluth, Minnesota.

The walk meandered through immaculately laid out streets brimming with maples and pines. Houses spoke their stories and shared their histories as my kind friend animatedly filled the evening air with local tales peppered with dashes of gossip. Life couldn't be more prefect, could it?

Then it happened.

We turned into 5th street. She spotted it first- I followed.

The 5th Street Little Free Library beckoned her. She dug out a book and shrieked with joy, 'Have you read it?

I shook my head -no.

'You'll love it. It's my favourite book'. She thrust The Book Thief into my hands and promised the library that she would come back with her offering soon.

Walking past the sign that read 'Please leave a book when you take one' and patting each other heavily on respective backs for stealing such an ironical moment, we hurried back home to share our awesome adventure with our families.

Thank you God for giving us teenagers-effortlessly and with the slightest hint of aloofness, they brought us both down to the reality of-what's-for-dinner-tonight?

The book has been read (in Doha) and I LOVE it. My summer is made.

Thank you Kirstin and thank you Markus Zusak for such a fantastic book.

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