Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Passion and Photoconcierge

Follow your passion. I'm sure you've heard those words before. Some call it a luxury. They say only those who have fat bank balances can afford to be passionate about what they do because they don't have to worry about money. I disagree. I'm with Mark Twain on this one:
A lot of times, the desperate din of climbing a corporate ladder or the race to accumulate more stuff than the Jonses drowns out the little voice inside us: the voice that knows why we were born. Yes, the same voice which was much clearer when we were younger. We listened to it all the time. It became our imagination, sometimes our friend and sometimes the monster under the bed. When we were little, we paid attention to our inner voice. And how blissfully happy we were. We didn't need anyone to tell us that we were passionate about playing. 

It is commonplace among artists and children at play that they're not aware of time or solitude while they're chasing their vision. The hours fly. The sculptress and the tree-climbing tyke both look up blinking when Mom calls, "Suppertime!"
says Steven Pressfield in 'the War of Art'

Someone once told me that if you carry on doing what you do for a living, even after winning the lottery, then you know you are passionate about it. I like this theory. I spend hours in my garden, and even more on this blog and totally lose track of time when my camera is with me. No, I don't earn a penny from any of this! I know, I will have to start thinking about money soon. Teacher's gratuity will only last me a little while longer. But, the point is that I'd do these things even if I did win the lottery.

Danielle would still cook, Anusha would still practise yoga, Seema would still bake, Apu would still sleep in a tent under the stars and Adi would still take pictures...I'm sure all of these people I've named here, yes, real people, would do all of these things even if they did win the lottery.

One such person wrote to me after my 'M for Meraki' post and said that everyday is a Meraki day for her. How awesome is that? She's an old college friend of my sister's. 

Her name is Shefalii. She worked the corporate life for 10 years before she found her passion. And what did she do about it? She chased it and ended up creating beautiful images that gave her her Miraki moments and her friends, family and clients a chance to capture memories and moments they can cherish forever.  

About eight years ago, she launched a brand called Purple Frog Portraits. 

"Under this brand I capture children & families- newborns to grandparents in their homes or a place that has special memories for families using natural light. Over the years I've captured beautiful memories for many many families." 

Her latest joint venture is called photoconcierge

"While I was thinking of scalable ideas in 2015,  a common friend connected me to the other 
 co-founders who were thinking on similar lines. Together we worked on the idea of 
 connecting photographers to buyers directly where both have direct control. 
Photoconcierge also showcases hidden talent - new age phone photography talent."

'What's your favourite part of doing what you do?' 

 "Over the years I have met many photographers and  heard about their journey into photography and each journey is so unique. But, the common thread that binds all of them is their commitment to follow their passion and tell different stories visually. It's inspiring to see how everybody is so attached to their work. It really amazes me ! 
One photographer who's story has stayed with me is John Isaacs."

Shefalii is a mother who (in her own words) merakis through her days.

Rumi's ripple in the water analogy comes to mind when I come across stories and ventures like this one. Imagine if we all did what we really wanted to, what brings us the most joy, like when we were little.
Birds fly.
Buds bloom.
Leaves make food.
Roots suck in the nutrients from the soil.
And the flowers put on a show
for the
Bees who buzz
and the
Butterfly who lays her eggs.
They do all this without being told,
without shouting out to be noticed, and
without getting in any one's way.

That's the miracle of nature. We are part of that nature, but we tend to get lost every now and then. And like Ram Dass said, "we are walking each other home", so let's do just that. Hold out our hand to find our tribe and walk with them. Imagine a world full of people who know their purpose like the bees do. Wouldn't we all be living in paradise? They say I'm a dreamer and I agree.

Enjoy your passions today and remember...




  1. Thanks for addressing this extremely important issue... Career vs Passion....

    For me I guess it would be cooking, especially love the effect it has on people :), volunteering, hiking and thinking ( which sometimes translates into writing)....
    I guess the best thing I ever did was to quit the corporate life after 7 years ( though I sometimes regret the independence) to spend time with my boys... It helped me grow as a person.

    Yet we as a society are "supposed" to be driven about accomplishments involving career and money to the point that it does feel like you don't count unless you have something "tangible" to show.....

    1. And that 'tangible' is the beautiful you who makes me smile with her blogs and writing and some other (more fortunate souls) with her yummy cooking. Had you not quit, all this would have been sacrificed at the altar of career accomplishments, right?
      And what is society? sirf log, aur logon ka kaam hain kahena:)

  2. AAh! The kingfisher collecting the sun's rays. Now I got it :)

    1. He became my Rumi the day I saw his shot catching the rays, Doc. Thank you for that and for stopping by:)

  3. Beautiful and expressive blog! So true...

    1. Message for you Manu....message in a bottle:) hugs. xx

  4. Yes ... I too am in agreement with Mark Twain. If more people would just grasp this.
    Love this post and your blog.
    Blessings New Friend,

    1. Awww! Thank you Dannette. So happy to have found a new friend in you:)
      Blessings are always welcome with a grateful heart.


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