Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I is for I'm in Budapest

I'm in Budapest.
And so is Spring.

It's my first time.
He visits every year-
in April.

He poses.
I click.

I'll be leaving soon.
He'll wait for Summer.

Dear readers. Today is a day of sharing photos. It's day 5 in Budapest. Spring may have sprung here but the winds have howled mercilessly for the last two days. Snuggled in almost all the layers I packed to come here, my daughter, her friend and I walked through the streets of Pest and the green spaces of Buda yesterday. Stopping only for hot chocolate and mulled wine and the loo breaks, and of course, the clicks, we had the most wonderful day out.

Here are some of the shots; I hope you like what we saw: big and small. A few of the shots are from day 1 of my visit, when the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

The Sun was almost about to set.

Then it did.

And night fell upon us like a blanket

If you have time, click on this link and enjoy William Wordsworth's 

Lines Written in Early Spring


  1. Awesome photos! Thanks for inviting us along. Best of Mother Nature! Keep writing, enjoying. Good luck!

  2. Beautiful pictures Arti!

    Shelly @ http://hangryfork.com

  3. Majestic raven. Great pics Arti! Its time to upgrade to a DSLR- you'd do wonders!!

  4. Lovely captures of mother nature through your eye!

    1. Pinkz, living in the Gulf deprives me of witnessing spring like I used to-- so, this trip was like being in heaven.

  5. Lovely pictures, Arti. Budapest is a beautiful city and spring makes it even more attractive.

    1. Thanks Ruchita. It was stunning. I can't wait to visit again.

  6. Thank you for the lovely Budapest springtime tour!....


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