Thursday, January 29, 2015

A sunrise, a few sins and sculptures.

Happy New Year my lovely readers. Here's to new beginnings. Wishing you all many beautiful sunrises and the time to enjoy them.

This post goes out  with a special thanks to my blogger friends Pauline, Ananda and April whose comments on my last post made me think deeply about why I blog and why I should continue blogging despite so much pain and horror around us. Your posts my dear friends kept me enshrined in the beautiful world of writing and sharing- so -Thank You.

I started this year in America- visiting my sister and her lovely family. It’s always good to bring in the New Year with love and warmth and family and food and good wine.

Here at last is the post that I was working on when Peshawar shook my world. The shaking helped me to shed my doubts just like the tiny dust particles that fly off a dusty chair when you give it a big WHACK! Yes, some of the dust will settle back, but for now the chair looks cleaner and ready to be sat on. Just like I feel in this January of 2015. I am ready to let the dust that has been shaken off me turn into diamonds in the sunlight of hope. 

A hopeful me looks forward to a beautiful New Year.

So, I pick up from where I left off – at the Hampton Flower Show (London- summer 2014)

Can I tempt you with a peep show?  
Before you start panicking and furiously hitting the Esc button on your keyboard, let me explain: 
I am talking about the Conceptual Gardens at the show which were themed around the seven deadly sins.

The sins that were represented were...

I happened to start my sinful tour with lust.

I don't know why but I have bought a bunch of Anthuriums recently. 
Let's discard the psychological analysis and enjoy the sinful blooms for now. 
I love the dark plums and reds being naughty with the lush leaves of Ficus benjamina.

Next stop :WRATH- BLOW HOT
This was a dramatic garden. I was spellbound by the rage and fury- so much turmoil!
Don't the aloe blooms look like they're bristling with anger?

And just like that it all cooled off.
This garden is exactly how I behave when it's that time of the month and my poor family are left speechless and helpless.

ENVY was my favourite garden because of its simplicity. 
A green see through wall was enough to distort the reality and make one feel that the grass is greener ...

in who we are and what we do- without forcing our standards on others or expecting others to live by our rules. 
Yet, the hardest lesson to learn.

GLUTTONY was very popular with the crowds. 

enough said.

SLOTH- my favourite sin:)
Probably the anthem of the Procrastinating Peoples' Party!
Although, gardening is the one thing I don't put off till later. 
Dishes and cupboard sorting, on the other hand....

Moving on - to the land of sculptures...

The sculptures you've seen so far are all David Watkinson's. 
The ones that follow are an eclectic mix of whatever caught my eye as I moved with my camera- trying to avoid the crowds.

Food Fantasies

The 'cool' collection

The whimsical wonders

Isn't this the most precious planting idea? I will try it out and share it with you if it works. 
Ivy is easy to find in Doha, but the roses- let's see...

Attitude and kinda rabbit.

This is the kind of stuff dreams are made of. 
Maybe one day I will actually have the time to sit and enjoy my garden 
instead of toiling in the soil ALL the time. 
Here's to 'possibities'

It's almost time to wind up this post. So here's wishing you all a 
'do what makes you happy' New Year,

Listen to your favourite tunes.
Plant your favourite seeds.

Ogle at your favourite things and sigh with wonder.

Relish your favourite foods and taste your favourite flavours.

And if life puts lemons in your way, 
put them in a jar and let them be.
They look better with the blue skies on the window sill- contained.
my dears is a wonderful thing.
Step back from the bitter lemons- 
untangle your emotional strings and stand back. 
Take a deep breath. 
Close your eyes.
Now, very them.
A fresh new start.
Start planning a vodka party to use those lemons and have a blast!

Or if the skies aren't blue- just paint one for you; 
like this gardener did...

I'll leave you with some wise words from Natalie Goldberg
from her book Writing down the bones- 
thank you Pauline for the recommendation:)

Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you need to go..


  1. Happy New Year Arti!
    Thank you for such a wonderful, fragrant stroll through a summer garden. It's -15°C outside my door today and though there is brilliant sunshine the wind is wicked (windchill temp -25). There is nothing quite like a garden, (most often one somebody else has laboured to bring to life!), to soothe the soul and inspire the 'write' hand.
    Best regards,

    1. Thank you April. I am enjoying toiling in the soil as it is spring time here:) I hope to share more summer treats soon. Keep warm. xx

  2. Hi Arti, lovely post, transported me to a whole new world. Loved the blue sky, the cushions on the bench sent me reeling and the flowers were just wow. Beautiful post :) Have a lovely year ahead and keep sharing your lovely thoughts with us :)

    1. Thank you Reshma. Oh that bench has been copied and pasted in my back yard. I do hope I can find time to share the results with you soon. xx

  3. oh Arti... what a pleasure it was to see this post! First of all, you are SO welcome! And i am deeply happy to see you writing again. These photos you share are simply extraordinary and the Conceptual Gardens of the 7 deadly sins... omg, that was amazing! i felt like i was there with you. Such incredible works, and your photos left me breathless. You are a definite photographer. I'm so happy you liked the book i mentioned. It's still one of my favorites. I keep it nearby at all times (that one & Bird by Bird) and every once in a while, when i wonder why i write at all, i read a few pages and like you - i'm all fired up again. ;-) Thank you so much for taking us on this journey with you (the gardens, the amazing sculptures, etc.) and thank you for daring to dust yourself off & write again. Your words are needed in this world. :-) xx

  4. Two things that come to my mind ever time I read your blog..I wish I can write like you.Hats off to you..just love the simple narration and complex feelings .
    And second thing is your love for nature which is so contagious..that almost always after reading your blog I go out and buy a nice little plant "to die another day" many plants 8 have killed...For which you share the responsibility too...

    1. Dear unknown,
      Thank you for such kind words.
      I shall pray for the 8 deceased plants but you know out there in the tough world of gardening-it's the survivaL OF THE FITTEST:) love and hugs. xx


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