Friday, December 19, 2014

Humanity's Sin

I was working on my latest post when the tragic news of what happened in Peshawar came through. 

The post was about conceptual gardens based on mortal sins
and I had been mulling over these sins
to figure out my feelings 
when Peshawar happened.

Everything I was working on seemed futile
because Peshawar happened.

That was a Sin
A sin so sinful
I can't comprehend it.

HOW can humanity become so vile?
WHAT can we do so that this never happens again?

I know I will go back to my garden
to my posts about my travels
and photos of pretty flowers
will once again
occupy my camera's lens and

Until the next 
happens and 
then I will
feel raw again.

But can we break this cycle?
Can we stop committing such sins?
How can murdering innocent children
solve anything?

I can't work on the post at the moment.
I will go back to it when I feel less raw.

For now though
a prayer is in my heart for 
the ones who died
and for the ones who live on
wishing this had never happened.


  1. Oh Arti... my heart aches for these poor children and their families too.
    And I, like you, will never understand the "WHY'S" of such violence.
    When we heard about Peshawar (and recently again, the murder of children in Australia)... my heart broke. I'll never understand it. I love what you said about everything else seeming futile & irrelevant. Isn't it the truth? Whenever I hear of such tragedies (and sadly, they happen FAR too often, all over the world), it makes me wonder what the point is. But eventually, we all find our own way of processing such madness. Art, writing & photography have always given me the voice I need during such difficult times. I suspect it's the same for you. I am sending you a warm Canadian hug. xx

    1. Thank you for the warm Canadain hug Pauline. I can feel it seeping through my bones and making me smile:) I will go back to my blogging soon and find my peace there. Thank you. Love and hugs. xx


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