Thursday, 5 September 2013

The last of Highway 61

"The sea
seemingly a constant to the naked eye
is one long goodbye"


by Dean Young    
Grand Marais
Deflated of the morning's excitement, we slumped back into our car seats and looked longingly at the beautiful Lake.

Who am I kidding?

I stole the glimpses while the children complained of hunger. 

At times like these, I  choose to edit out the background noise and just enjoy the sights while still appearing to be sympathetic to the state of abject starvation my love of exploring places puts my children into- by nodding my head and uttering 'umms' and 'aahs' at strategically timed intervals.

I held on to my wits while we drove back on Highway 61. A couple of hours later, we parked at the New Scenic Cafe- 
Map to the scenic cafe, Duluth MN
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Suffice to say, we were famished and had no energy to even think about getting the camera out of the bag. So we ate and reached food heaven. 

Thanks again to Kirstin and her family's recommendations.

Here's the link to the cafe- enjoy and salivate:

After the meal, the bill came with a well thumbed leather bound notebook for customers' comments. 

One of our fellow diners had written: ' the avocado and tuna starter was so good, I asked it to marry me.'

...that sums up the awesomeness of the food we ate there. I am drooling as I type. 

The Blue Brigade at the New Scenic Cafe.

After dinner, I spent a long time soaking in the beautiful garden of the cafe. All my senses were dancing with joy that evening. I managed to click a few shots of the beautiful flowers- somehow documenting the experience with a camera seemed unnecessary at that moment.

The next morning we bid Duluth adieu and made our way to Wisconsin. 

p.s. Duluth- we love you and the North Shore.


  1. A beautiful and sumptuous journey with you,Arti! Anxiously waiting for more...hmmm...then...

  2. Hold your horses Manu...some tasty treats are on their way:)


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