Thursday, July 9, 2020

A Haiku and a Tanka (almost:)

Haiku #2

The bees came in May-
to drink honey only they could see.
Come, my dates are ready.

(~says the date palm tree)


Tanka #1 

Erase my edges.
Soften me, O! Dragonfly.
Smudge me to oblivion;
where I can be you or me,
Frangipani or blue sky.

(~ say I as I attempt to write a Tanka but can't seem to whittle off the extra syllable in line 3!)

Dear Readers,

The date palm trees in Doha are pregnant with ripe fruit now. The first photo was made in May when the blossoms were hosting boisterous parties for honey bees.

This year, dragonflies have been regular visitors--I'm not sure why. Perhaps all the quietness induced by Covid is responsible. I'm not complaining--I'm grateful for such good looking visitors who sit still on branches for hours so that novice photographers like me can click to our hearts' content.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy weekend.

Stay safe and enjoy nature and her bounteous beauty.

Warm regards



  1. Hari Om
    Two gorgeous images created by words!!! YAM xx

  2. Loved them both... The haiku the Tanka... The images the imagery.. They are all so very lovely and the beautiful words make them lovelier 😊

  3. Wonderful pair two different forms of poetry
    Nature does her bit on time, so do the bees; we the beaters brushing days, head sunken between knees..
    Dragons must have a rejoicing time to see God's pets under mask, flies fly more as their wishes, perhaps..
    I wonder how such sweetness prosper to saturate your poetic expressions in such an arid land... nature's own trial, perhaps..
    Best regards

    1. Thank you Saibal. You'll be surprised to see the variety of green in this arid land:)

  4. Such lovely photos, and nice poetry too!

  5. Very nice poetry . Really talented


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