Sunday, May 3, 2020

Reflection Post 2020 #AtoZChallenge

Dear Readers and Bloggers,

Thank you for joining me today as I reflect upon 
an April that has just gone
'twas full of words galore
wrote plenty and shared even more

This Challenge of A to Zee
of the year Twenty, Twenty
was a foraging for me:
harvests rich with words obsolete
of poetry and poems and funny treats
of history too that read like rhyme
I gathered a lot of knowledge this time

Jade's herbs and Deborah's dreams 
snuggled under Frederique's quilts 
and asked for more extraordinary
tales of The Multicolored Diary

Then there was our rambling Keith 
who often made us bare our teeth
For he made us laugh and explode
such funny stories of old words he wrote

Srivalli's poems as delicate as dew
Nourished hearts and souls quite a few

Namratha's lyrics were no less magical
In fact, every Minute she wrote was quite capital

Ira, living her life to the fullest
added many deep thoughts into my basket of harvest

While I pondered upon dear Ira's words
my namesake Arti carved out her space 
and stuck a maroon bindi in its heart shaped place.

Poetry penned in Moon Dust,
Spoke of care for the old who may have gathered rust
of forgotten routines, memories and such.

Pradeep's X was a treat
Which followed a delicious dosa of wheat
He shared too a new spin on Do Re Me

And Karen's posts spoke of many things that bring her bliss
From goats to Puffins to Xmas trees and taking risks

Then there were Viyoma's tales of cities three
She filled them with monsoons, Windsor castle and '5 flavored pachadi'

Nisha, too, of travel spoke
to Riga and Prague with Rum and coke
and sometimes of Triya and Sid, her bloke. 

Succinct and unusual were Shweta's definitions
of nouns such as salt and revenge who were sent on missions
to destroy my belief that less is not more in writing compositions

Lessons were learnt of History, both old and not so old
While Kristin shared letters 
and memories of her ancestors
Sonia, the one with hundred quills 
mentioned warriors and forgotten keys
and strung out songs that are not often told
From History of Human, young and old

Then there were those who visited
my blog, read and commented:
the ones who weren't to A to Zee bound
Friends in virtual land and around
who over time have gotten close and kept me company--
Cheers IshPinkzJz, April and Yamini

Dear Vidya and Nisha shared generously
memories of their lives
in Kota and in Mumbai

Sahitya and Seema
Simmi and Sharmila
stopped by when they could
and posted comments as they should
for I had sent them messages in advance
to inform them of my April plans

Those of you who were tagged
on my facebook page and nagged
to read and comment by me
Deserve a special trophy
for your reading loyalty
All I have to say is this 
Thank you all--dear Mr. Mrs. and Miss.

Thank you too 
to the ones who
visited me once or twice or maybe thrice
Your presence here made me feel real nice

So, if you'd like to check out a few
names I've mentioned in my review
click on the link that is hyper
and discover many  a poets and writer

But the biggest thanks of all you'll agree
is for the fabulous team of A to Zee
Who made this frolic happen
in a far away magical memory garden

And if perchance
you've missed the dance
of words of plenty
Worry not
just click on a title below
and jump into a garden where memories overflow...

W for When Papaji swore               X for X my Heart             Y for Yours Truly

May your May be filled with colours and panache
Like the Great Garden of Artemis and Papadash

May many hands of May fill our hearts with gratitude
for those who serve at times of such magnitude
nurses, doctors, porters and personnel
on shift after shift like a carousel

May our hands in May
I pray
Be filled with flowers and plants and vases full of kindliness
"Laughter is carbonated holiness."
is an Anne Lamott quote
that Deborah wrote
and I added to my harvest for I found it noteworthy
'cause, you see
my mother who was fond of learning had this philosophy:
"Be like the bumble bee..." she used to say "visit all flowers to collect your honey."

If, you'd like to see me again
Catch me on Instagram
as arti.a.jain
for I'll be posting a photo a day
to celebrate May
in a series focusing on the right attitude
of Ma(n)y hands of gratitude

Remember this:
Gardens don't need soil to sprout
"Wonder wanders within and without"
commented Yamini on my day of Zee
If lack of space ever bothers me
I paint on walls and plant a tree
Got a beating once for decorating walls which was bizarre
But all those memories will have to wait for my next memoir:)

Till we meet again 
So long
Times are tough
I know
So leaving you with words
I adore
of Tagore
"The butterfly counts not months 
but moments, 
And has time enough."
Antwerp. June 2019


  1. Once again you leave me wonder struck Arti with the most eloquent and beautifully penned reflection post. I hope I can read you over and over again. Keep writing. Best wishes!!

    1. Thank you Sonia. wishing you happy days of May.

  2. Hari OM
    applause, applause!!! YAM xx

  3. Wow, what a wonderful way to reflect on the month! Thank you for entertaining us in your unique way, and of course for taking time out to drop by my place! Needless to say I feel honoured to have received a shout-out from you. May your May be amazing

    My reflections

  4. So sweet and thoughtful of you to remember us all... Thank you for your blessing, much needed at a time like this... You take care and also thank you for sharing your precious memories with us...

    1. The sharing fun multiplied when friends joined in Ish--so thank you too. xx

  5. That's a lovely review. It was a great time reading your reminiscences of childhood and great family time you all had. Glad to know you like my posts. Thank you, and good wishes.

  6. Your words are so beautiful Arti... I loved every post of yours for the challenge and your reflections post just stole my heart... You truly must endeavour to publish your writing and make it reach to more people... It will make someone's day just like mine each time I read your posts :)!Will keep visiting and will keep reading... So you have to keep writing :)

    1. Cheers Ira.
      As you can probably imagine, I'm a dreamer through and through:)
      Which translates to expecting a publisher knocking on my virtual door! I know, I know--who do I think I am? Kalidas's bhateeji?? But, fingers crossed, the work will find its shore one day soon--or when its meant to.
      Kaam zaari hai--likhne ka--sunane ka and the best of all--to read more and more.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful way to make your reflections! Thank you for mentioning me, it's so sweet! I enjoyed a lot visit your blog, and will do again ;)
    #AtoZchallenge Reflections

  8. What a stunning reflections post! And thank you for the mention of Finding Eliza. I enjoyed your posts and getting a glimpse into your growing up years.
    Finding Eliza

  9. Silly woman - if you write, I read!
    Even your reflections are lovely. :-)

    1. Cheers Jz.
      Love to see you here...Ah! the joy of blogging:)

  10. What a creative, fun recap. Thank you for including my blog in your lovely poem. I really enjoyed your A to Z posts. It was so fun to read about your wonderful memories of childhood. Weekends In Maine

  11. So very thankful for such a thoughtful friend who is a stranger in person but known forever in virtual world 😊. The pleasure was all ours to read and walk along on your A-Z journey. Enjoyed it every bit Arti. Best wishes and lots of love always.

    1. Hugs dear Pinkz for being such a loyal reader:) thank you. xx

  12. I came here to say - I mentioned you
    Not knowing, I am also mentioned by you
    Thank you. Your reflections are as intricate as your posts!

    1. Glad you liked the surprise Viyoma:)
      Thank you. xx

  13. Wow! Now thats truly a REFLECTION,
    With such a PERFECTION!
    You mirrored April
    in such a thrill
    Iam happy to find my name there
    Finding happiness in your garden everywhere.
    Do words come to you or
    you go to words my dear friend?
    Iam happy i walked with you once again,
    all days of April A-Z, till the end!
    Love you!!

  14. Love you too dear Vidya.
    Cheers. xx

  15. What an amazing recap! You're an artist of words!

  16. Beautiful poem. Mentioning all of those blogs was a fine touch. You have a wonderful way with words.

  17. Beautiful reflections!! Congratulations!! :-)

  18. I've been checking back now and again to see if you posted again and am delighted to read your reflections. The poem format is wonderful and I like how you laid out your a2z posts at the end. I will keep checking back here for new posts.

  19. Great. Extremely happy to read your reflection. Appreciate your creativity and wordsmithy.
    A to Z of Industrial Engineering

    1. Thank you so much. Your kind words made my day:)

  20. Wow Arti..wonderful reflection and as usual you have magically weaved it all in beautiful poetry...I am so glad to find my name here! Its been a joy-ride with you-I have travelled along with you and visited my Nani, my hometown, my rituals, Family...all all of it just by reading your posts.
    Looking forward to many many such lovely posts from you..
    Aur haan jis din kitab chapp jaye humme zaroor batana...autographed copy lenge :-)

    1. Arre wah! aapne to humare rom rom ko khush kar diya apne pyaare shabdon se Arti ji. Shukriya.

      So happy to read that you travelled down your memories along with me:)

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed the poetic reflection Arti as usual beautiful expression.
    You are a gifted writer, God bless you with its choicest blessings.
    Love and hugs Nisha

    1. Thank you dear Nisha.
      Hugs and love to you too. xx

  22. Wow! This is so so so beautiful! I am immensely grateful to have met you through the challenge. Thank you for such lovely words. The post reflects your dedication and devotion towards writing. This is truly a reflection post.
    And that colorful spread of your A to Z posts is so cool; just like a garden. <3


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