Thursday, April 6, 2017

E is for Eyes #AtoZChallenge

I'm eager to post E before she becomes an excuse.

You see, I ended my week long holiday this morning and the rest of the day has been about going to the airport, checking in, security scans and body patting, passport control, shopping for chocolate at the Duty Free, boarding, trying to sleep on the aircraft but failing, enjoying a good glass of red, landing, taking a taxi home, making a super strong cup of tea and now typing this post before my eyes close with exhaustion!

Why did I choose eyes?
I don't know.
The other options I was pondering over were: English teachers and Endings
I had started the prose in my head as I always do.  
And sometimes, ideas and words jostle within the confines of me like a baby in a womb. I can feel their kicks and the urgency of  their need to be birthed. If this happens at night, I toss and turn in bed and only once the writing is delivered, can I go back to sleep. 
If I'm awake, I just look for pen/pencil/paper:)
Does this happen to you?

Sorry, I digress.
E has been extremely evasive. So I chose a word that I felt I could post about with some pictures I've taken of people I've met on my travels and whose eyes speak volumes silently. 
If you have time, do let me know what these eyes say to you.
Here we go...

Ending with a quote I found while Googling (I know... I am using short cuts today)
I foresee a fresh me tomorrow to fix F on time:)
See you Friday.
Have a peaceful evening.


  1. So poetically written and the photographs are great. Everyone has beautiful eyes!!!! E is for eyes, for sure.

  2. Eyes say a lot....could see calmness, fear,sheer determination and maybe some naughtiness in your pictures. Love them all!

    1. Thanks Seema...that kid on the tree has such expressive eyes, no?


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