Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jamun Tree

This is a first for me. A short story that I'd written a few months ago was published on Wednesday! Wohoooo:)

Wednesday had been set aside to sort through my daughter's things: the throw-in-the-bin pile, the taking-with-her-to-University pile, the-stuff-to-leave-behind pile and the-can't-decide-now-will-look-at-later pile. That was the plan.

Messenger buzzed to inform me that my story would be online any minute; would I like to add a Bio and a photograph?
Bio- yes, photograph- not sure.

The two lines of Bio were easy to write, but finding a photo that fit the image in my head of what I look like proved too challenging. A cartoon avatar will have to do.

Here's the story:

Let me know what you think...
please share-
if you enjoyed it
let me know if you didn't.

Like a puppy with too many new toys to play with, I was too excited to focus on anything that day. The can't -decide-pile of things in my daughter's room has turned into a mountain! Let's hope I can find my focus to help her whittle through it tomorrow.

For some of you, jamun may be an unknown fruit, so here are a few pictures and facts:

Image result for free pictures of jamun tree with fruit

Image result for free pictures of jamun tree with fruit
These  pictures have been copied from Google Images.

Six months ago, I bought a jamun sapling from a local nursery. That day, while I was easing out the roots of the young tree into a pot, my childhood summer memories kept flashing on and on till I sat myself down and started writing. 

A blogger friend has written a beautifully illustrated post about charpoys-- here's the link.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 


  1. This is a fabulous story, Arti. One that is well worth publication. The descriptions had me right there alongside Amit under the jamun tree, where it is raining jamuns in "the classroom of colourful language".
    So vivid. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comments April:) So glad you felt that way...I had wondered if the image (so clear in my head) would work in print.
      I truly appreciate your feedback.

  2. Congratulations and Thank you Arti for the mention:)


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