Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Today, I decided to spring clean my desk, my house and my blog. The desk and the house are sending me the 'guilty as charged- crime -laziness' vibes. The unfinished files and the unfolded laundry sigh and wait...while I spend my entire day playing with templates ...I mean spring cleaning my blog!

Thanks to

for providing novices like me valuable tutorials on how to fix things on blogger.

I must hasten to add that a lot of 'fixing' required was completely self inflicted. There wasn't any great need to clean up the blog and not much was cleared out but enough was prettied up.

That's the story with my house cleaning, too. I start with cleaning out my cupboard and before long the whole house is marching upon me like Macbeth's Birnam Woods. And how do I cope? I spend the next few days arranging flowers - oblivious to the piling chaos. Only a 'this- is- my- last- clean- underwear' cry from one of the family jolts me back into my 'normal working condition'.

Once the 'normal working condition' button is switched back on, there is no room for slackers in the house.
'A place for everything and everything in its place' motto is telecast to the family at regular intervals. The teenagers huff and puff and the husband furiously buries himself deeper in his ipad to avoid the wrath of my 'normal working condition'.

 I sometimes wonder if the family would rather have me in my 'spring cleaning condition' as long as there is  an endless supply of clean underwear, of course.

It's almost bed time and I have managed to do one thing on the blog - actually two. Got rid of the polka dots -Out damn polka dots (at least for now)- Macbeth is on my mind today...wonder why? and written this post. All's not lost.

Good night and hope to come back with a post on Muscat soon.


  1. Bravo! One of these days I would like a tutorial from you on tidying up the look of my blog!

  2. Hey Ketaki, it's easy to follow the tutorials on the links above...just a bit time consuming. I just read your reposted piece- very thought provoking indeed. I had missed it.


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